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あなたはMicrosoftMB2-713 トレーリング学習の資料を探すのに悩んでいますか。心配しないでください。私たちを見つけるのはあなたのMicrosoftのMB2-713 トレーリング学習に合格する保障からです。数年以来IT認証試験のためのソフトを開発している我々JapanCertチームは国際的に大好評を博しています。我々はMicrosoftのMB2-713 トレーリング学習のような重要な試験を準備しているあなたに一番全面的で有効なヘルプを提供します。

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MB2-713試験番号:MB2-713 無料問題
試験科目:「Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Sales」

>> MB2-713 無料問題


NO.1 You need to create a quarterly goal to measure completed phone calls regarding open
Which three components should you use? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.
A. a calculated field
B. a goal metric that has the Count metric type
C. a rollup query
D. a goal metric that has the Amount metric type
E. a rollup field
Answer: B,C,E

MB2-713 口コミ   

NO.2 You quality a lead for a business account.
After several conversations with the business contact you discover that the business used a different
Which record should you deactivate?
A. lead
B. contact
C. opportunity
D. account
Answer: C

MB2-713 絶対   

NO.3 You create a personal dashboard that tracks important sales information.
Your manager wants all of the users in the company to use the dashboard.
You need to recommend a method to make the dashboard available to all of the users.
The solution must minimize effort. What should you recommend?
A. Export the definitions of the dashboard components, and then import the components.
B. Ask an administrator to recreate the dashboard as a system dashboard.
C. Edit the properties of the dashboard, and then assign the dashboard.
D. Ask an administrator to share the dashboard with all of the users.
Answer: D

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NO.4 You plan to use discount lists.
Which type of record can you associate to a discount list?
A. product bundle
B. competitor
C. price list items
D. product family
E. product
Answer: E

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